Taylor Tomlinson may not quite be a household name just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for this rising bright star.  Making us laugh with her second Netflix stand-up comedy special Look at You, Tomlinson explores herself as well as breakups, therapy, sex, death and mental health in the witty way only she can do.

Getting her start at the young age of 16, Tomlinson spent many years performing on the church stand-up circuit before moving on to less tamed ground at comedy clubs. Eventually landing herself a slot on Last Comic Standing, she also appeared on TV series and specials: New Couple Gets Quarantined (2020), Quarter-Life Crisis (2020- her first Netflix special) and The Comedy Lineup (2018).

In Look at You, Tomlinson gets the chance to further explore her “other-self”, and her experience with mental-health, therapy and prescribed medication – noting how it has changed her outlook life. Loosing her mother to cancer at an early age she is even able to joke about death.  “Do you think I’d be this successful at my age if I had a live mom?” pausing, she gives the audience a  scolding stare, “She’s in Heaven. I’m on Netflix. It all worked out!”

This latest Netflix special for Tomlinson was shot on location at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston in December 2021 just before round two of the pandemic started, but you won’t hear much talk of Omicron or COVID, Just a whole lotta good comedy from this talented star. The special was directed by Kristian Mercado and Tomlinson wrote her own material  as well as co-executive produced with Judi Marmel, and John Bravakis.

Posted by: ComedyEOnline